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May 21, 2020
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Backyard Compost Bin

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A backyard compost bin is a container that is useful for the breakdown of organic waste in order to create a material known as mulch. Mulch is used for fertilizing a lawn or garden. It's true that a homeowner could easily buy bags of commercial mulch, but there are usually a few reasons why a homeowner would chose not to do so. First, the home gardener might want to save money. Especially if they have a large gardening area, bags of mulch can run them a lot of money. The home gardener will feel that it's to their advantage to use the available organic waste that they encounter every day, such as twigs, leaves, grass, and even kitchen scraps. These are materials that are free and ever-plentiful.

The home gardener will also want to use a backyard compost bin for their gardening needs, because they believe in being environmentally responsible. Many people are joining the movement to preserve environmental resources, by recycling the materials that are already available instead of using up resources or creating unneeded waste. Again, the home gardener can use the materials that are plentiful to create mulch. There are several different types of compost bins that they can use to take advantage of this natural way of creating fertilizer for their growth needs.

First, there are very simple compost bins, such as a large plastic tumbler container. These look like rectangular plastic, heavy-duty bins that can be found in any retail store. These will have holes in them to let in some air. People fill up these bins with their organic waste. Then the material breaks down inside of the bins. These are best for those who lack space in their back yards, or for those who need a backyard compost bin that is very portable. Then, there are long term, low maintenance compost bins. These are specially designed bins that are created to start a mulch pile over a long period of time. These can take anywhere from six months, to two years to make a starter pile of mulch.

There are also barrel style backyard compost bins. These look a bit like roasting barrels. These spin around on a pit, and this helps to rotate the organic material while it is breaking down. The material needs to be rotated, so that air flows through to help the decomposition process. People like these compost bins, because they create less odor. Compost bins can cause odor, because there is living matter decaying. The odor is annoying, but people put up with it, in order to get their naturally sourced mulch.

One more thing to note is that the home gardener should keep their backyard compost bin away from the home, if they can. They will have to make sure that their natural project, and their good intentions aren't offending the neighbors! They should also make sure that certain animals don't get inside of these bins, or the animals will ruin the batch.


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