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September 9, 2020
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Buying a Kitchen Spice Rack With or Without Spices

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One thing to think about before buying a kitchen spice rack is whether or not to get a rack that includes spices. Most spice rack that you can purchase at major retailers include the ingredients with them. One issue with this is that you are forced to use whatever spices they give you.

An alternative is to buy a rack that doesn't include the spices. This way you can purchase the ones you really need at any grocery store or specialty shop. This can be a cheaper alternative as store bought spices can run cheaper since they usually come in plastic bags. If you decide to go the route of buying your own, make sure you do a little research. First you need to know how many spice jars you have since this will determine the number of spices that you will need to make the rack look whole. Next think about the spices that you cook with the most. List them out and try to come up with just as many as jars that you have.

Next you will need to come up with the layout of the spices. Ideally you should put your most used spices in the front of the rack with the less used near the rear and the bottom of the rack. To transfer the spices from their bags to the jars in your rack, purchase a cheap small funnel that you can use to get the spices into the jars with little or no waste. Clip a corner of the plastic bag off and dump them into the funnel.

Finally you will need to get labels for your spice containers. If you buy a rack with the spices included, most likely it will include pre printed labels to match the spices in the box. Some racks will come with blank labels that you can write on. A designer idea would be to purchase printer labels. This way you can use a designer looking font to make the labels look professional. Be sure that whichever labels you buy they are small enough to not detract from the look of the overall spice rack.

Kitchen spice racks can make your cooking experience a better one. The rack will keep you from hunting through your cabinets looking for that one ingredient you can't find. When buying one, be sure to make a decision on whether you want to have the spices included or if you want to build your own.


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