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July 12, 2020
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Basics of Home Lighting for Brighter and Inspiring Homes

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Have you noticed how some homes seem to glitter and attract us in? The magic of light is the answer as it comforts you, energizes you, and transforms your house into a comfortable home. Today home lighting is so much more than just about illumination. To achieve the required effects and impact, there are three lighting types that each home must be equipped with general, task and accent lighting. General lighting allows for an even illumination throughout your home. Task lighting is essential when you need to perform specific tasks like reading or cooking. Accent lighting draws attention to your home's valued possessions, for example, a beautiful painting or showcase. Accent lighting is usually three times as bright as the room's general lighting. Apart from meeting functional needs, lighting can also play an artistic role in a home. For example, decorative lighting helps to accommodate light fixtures into your home's furnishings and adds the element of emotion to each room. There are many ways to implement these lighting types into your home. Learn how to light your home well with these helpful lighting tips.

Living Room
The living room is the heart of the household. It is multifunctional and used for various activities.
Your living room is a place where friends and family gather to relax and interact, and lighting in the living room should reflect these various activities.

* Special possessions, like your favorite painting, can be drawn attention with spots or picture lights. Mount these on above the frame to spread a beam of bright light across the face of the painting.
* Wall-mounted light fixtures should be above eye level to avoid glare in the eyes. They should also be flat, without being more than 4 inches from the wall.
* Opt for uniform decor lights with diffusing covers for extra general lighting.

Kids' Bedroom
Kids' Bedroom should be a source of comfort, an area of inspiration and a place that they call their own.

* To avoid disrupting their sleep, install an extremely soft night light, so that you can check on them without disturbing the lighting situation in the room at night.
* Always choose designs that are child safe. Look for lights which are made of child-safe materials including non-toxic paints, anti-impact and non-removable parts.
* Consider lights that have inline switches and ones that switch off automatically when break down.
* LED lighting solutions that automatically switch on when there is movement are ideal for kid's bedroom.

Light here can be both practical and attractive. Aim for brightness and freshness to give a clean look, but ensure you have enough light for tasks like cleaning and chopping. It is also important to have shadow free lighting all over. This should reach all surfaces, not only horizontal work surfaces but also vertical ones so that you can find things kept in cupboards and drawers easily.

* Task lighting hidden under cabinets helps illuminate surfaces where you'll perform tasks like chopping, grinding and mixing.
* Install sensor lights inside cabinets so that they light up immediately when the door is opened.
* A bar countertop in your kitchen will look great if lighted from above with track features. You can use low-voltage pendants which hang over in an intimate position over the top.
* Install a recessed down light above your kitchen sink to provide adequate task lighting for this area.
* Lights equip with high coloring index allows you to see things in their natural color. This is extremely important when it comes to food.

Light is the most dynamic element of your home. You can use light not only to create an ambience that reflects your mood but also to add a flavor to your home furnishings. Your choice of fixtures, lamps and their placement influence the depth and appearance of a space. By planning your residential lighting and by following some basic guiding principles, you can create a unique experience.

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