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March 19, 2020
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A Survey of Various Window Treatment Options

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Windows occupy large areas of the wall and are naturally put into focus by sunlight. It is only natural to dress them up and make them beautiful to enhance the look of the interiors. It's a good thing that there are so many options in the market for window treatments. The list is truly endless with a wide variety of materials to choose form.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal of such treatments, they also have a number of very useful features such as the ability to control the amount of light that enters the room. Some can also affect the temperature by enhancing insulation. A lot of them are designed to protect the privacy of the room's occupant. Here's a rundown of a few products which might interest those who are looking for ideas regarding window treatments.

Interior Shutters

Custom vinyl shutters are excellent for residential interiors. In bedrooms, for instance, they provide complete concealment for privacy while blending in quite smoothly with the dcor thanks to an artificial wood-grain finish. Their resistance to moisture allows them to be placed in wet environments like kitchens and bathrooms where regular curtains will only be damaged. Vinyl can withstand UV rays so the shutters will not fade or peel over time due to sunlight. Best of all, they come factory assembled so they are as easy as a breeze to install on the windows.

Telescoping Curtain Rod

Rods are basic necessities if you want to have a solid structure from which to hang your curtains. Using flimsier alternatives will not work as the curtain will sag in the middle, especially if it's thick and heavy. It might even unravel and drop on the floor quite abruptly. A telescoping curtain rod is ideal as it has the right amount of rigidity yet it can be compressed into a smaller length when taking it from the store to the house or from one room to another. This is typically made of stainless steel and then provided with a copper or gold finish.

Blackout Curtains

When watching blockbuster movies at home, it would be nice to make the room totally dark to mimic the cinema experience. Regular curtains can't do this. Their weaves are not tight enough so they still let a little bit of light pass through. Blackout curtains, on the other hand, are designed to block light completely -- or at least 99.9% as seen in lab tests. This degree of effectiveness makes them suitable for home theaters, photographic dark rooms, and similar applications. In addition to stopping the light from coming in, these 100% polyester curtains also provide additional insulation for the room. They are sometimes referred to as thermal curtains and come in large pieces of around 84 inches by 104 inches.

Roller Shades

The name comes from the rugged steel rollers that serve to control the shades' upward and downward movement. They provide precise control and guarantee reliability over a long lifespan. The materials used are PVC-free and can be fully recycled.


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